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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Book Review - PRAYING FOR THE PRODIGAL by Andrea Merrell

Only someone who's been there can understand the heartache of a parent whose son or daughter has rebelled against their teachings--worse, landed themselves in the middle of the drug and/or drinking crowds.

No parent is perfect, but even the best parents sometimes have offspring that land in trouble. That's what happened to Andrea and her husband Charlie. They had the ideal son and daughter--they thought. The kids attended church with them, were involved in youth activities there. The first worm turned when the boy, Jason, became a senior. He began skipping classes, rarely attended church, and even quit eating meals with the family.

Then his sister followed his lead. Andrea and Charlie battled the evil forces that held their children captive.

Do you have a prodigal in your family? I would strongly--no, emphatically--recommend you purchase Andrea Merrell's book. Available from Amazon. What can you lose? It's only $1.99.
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