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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Book Review - A NEW FAMILY by June Foster

Here's June Foster's latest work, released just last Thursday, and I'm really pleased with it. It's the first time we've written in the same series, but I definitely hope it's not the last!

Nathan Stone wants to get out of New Beckton, away from the brother who stole his inheritance to pay for a burgeoning drug habit. Nathan had gone from one of two inheritors from his family's estate, enrolled in college, and driving a new Porche to a destitute, disgruntled, and jobless man in search of home.

He had an uncle and family in Sweetland--even though he hadn't seen them since he was a small child--and the possibility of a job at the hospital there. Hopefully, his uncle, Bill Smith, would let him stay at his house until he could get back on his feet. Then he finds out the uncle passed away years before.

The aunt, Arlene Smith, agrees to rent him the small mother-in-law's cabin in her yard. The hospital job becomes a reality, and even though it's as an orderly, cleaning up the patients' messes. Things are definitely looking up, especially since this pretty nurse, Haley Flannery, is the one who trains him.

His attitude could really use a huge adjustment, though. What will happen to turn this unhappy young man into someone the nurse could actually look up to?

It's on sale now at Amazon, and will be available soon at Barnes and Noble and Kobo!


  1. Thanks for sharing about Nathan and Haley. And he doesn't mind in the least if you call him Nathan Stone because that's his aunt's name and it connects him more to Sweetland.

    1. Actually--Stone is his last name. I had put "Smith" at first--his aunt's name--and I was able to correct it here on my blog, but couldn't fix it on Amazon or on Facebook. :(


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