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Sunday, February 22, 2015


This short story is mine and the first in a series (Sweetland Sonrise) written by several other authors. The characters in Sweetland have captured our imaginations and come to life--at least on paper--uh, electronically speaking.

In this volume Will Smith again speaks and acts without thinking through the potential repercussions. For instance, he takes Carlie Parsons out for Valentine's Day to the nicest restaurant around, the Valley Inn an hour down the road in New Beckton. He asks her to marry him and she accepts.

Within minutes, he also picks a fight with her. Not on purpose, of course. It's just that his overactive mouth and brutal honesty have gotten him into trouble--again. Their romantic date turns antagonistic, and the engagement is off.

There's a double problem with this. Carlie is practically a member of Will's family--BFFs with his younger sister and all but raised by his parents. Because they don't want to run into each other, both Will and Carlie avoid the family. Somehow, this situation has to be resolved before the big family Easter dinner.

It could take an act of God to remedy this situation.

Available from Amazon and Helping Hands Press for only 99 cents. Plus--it's soon to be out in audio book form!

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