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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book Review - A SOFT BREATH OF WIND by Roseanna M White

One thing I really hate about Roseanna White's books, especially the Biblical fictions. Coming to the end, that's what I hate. I want them to go on and on. So get writing, Writing Roseanna! I want the sequel to the sequel!

This book is a sequel to A Stray Drop of Blood, where we were introduced to some the heroes of A Soft Breath of Wind--Samuel, Benjamin, Abigail, and Titus. Two other essential characters emerge in Soft Breath--Dara, a selfish, conniving, evil young woman under the spell of an even more evil villain, and sweet Zipporah, a young woman with an extraordinary and miraculous gift of discernment.

At the age of thirteen, Zipporah (slave of Benjamin) is given this gift of the Spirit, and her eyes are opened to see the huge angels that guard her owner's walled villa outside of Rome, Tutelos. And hear the beautiful music that seemed to accompany them. But she can also see the demons that surrounding Tutelos, fighting heaven's angels for admittance. She can warn the other believers in this vast villa when to increase their prayers.

She's also in love with Benjamin, with all the extreme devotion someone so young can have. A devotion he shuns. In fact, he chooses Dara. The residents of Tutelos and Zipporah have prayed constantly to keep the demons at bay, and Benjamin brings this young woman into the compound, a young woman possessed by a demon bent on destruction of Tutelos and the families there.

Oh, my, how this Roseanna White can weave words! I would give this book ten stars if I could. You have got to, got to get this book. Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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