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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Book Review - GOOD, CLEAN MURDER by Traci Tyne Hilton

I love a good, clean mystery with a bit of mayhem mixed in, and hoo boy, has Traci Tyne Hilton ever done it. Well, actually, she didn't done it, but she did write the who done it.

Jane Adler is a hard-working college girl with one desire: To become a missionary. To get there, she had to defy her parent's wishes to go to college in Phoenix, AZ, earning her the dubious distinction of being one of the few people on the planet to turn down a fully paid trip to a "real" college.

Thus it was that she became a housekeeper. And because she was the housekeeper for the Crawfords, owners of Big Bob's Hamburgers, she's the one who discovered Big Bob's body. And then Pamela's.

When she attends her first evening class, Ministry to Hurting Families, under the tutelage of Isaac Daniels--what a dimpled dreamboat! She tries to concentrate on what he's saying, but the long glances he throws at her plus the murders she found that morning adds up to too much distraction to concentrate. After class he stops to talk to her. She explains her distraction in terms of the dead bodies. He says she should minister to the families--what a good practice situation for this class!

Things only become more tangled after that. You should definitely buy this one. Oh wait--I forgot! The ebook is free on Amazon for a just little while longer. Hurry--go grab one! If you prefer paperback, they also have those. Or Barnes and Noble--they have the paperbacks, too.

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