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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book Review – GABRIEL’S ATONEMENT by Vickie McDonough

Do you like historical fiction? I love a good story, and I love it especially if it’s historical. Vickie McDonough put a lot of research into this Oklahoma land rush, and you can tell it in this absorbing book about the race to find land with water, pasture, and flat land for farming.

Gabe Coulter thought Tom Talbot was just another easy mark. It was payday on the Whitman spread, and the cowboy thought he’d like to double his money at Gabe’s poker table. However, a little too much liquor and way too many misjudgments saw Tom’s money drifting to Gabe’s side of the table. Angrily, he accuses Gabe of cheating and draws on him, but Gabe is faster and deadlier.

It bothers Gabe that he’s killed a man who is a young father and husband. He determines he will find the widow and give her the money he won from the cowboy. He sends a man to tell the woman to come to him, but she refuses. He decides to go find her himself and finds something he really has a hard time believing.

Lara Talbot is obviously dirt-poor. Patched and frayed dress, bare feet, and rough hands tells Gabe she is a hard working pretty woman with a lot of pride—and a cute little boy—but she will not accept money.

Lara lives with an elderly, ailing grandfather and a rebellious little sister as well as the little boy. Lara is the sole support of the little family, and she didn’t expect or want anything from Tom’s so-called estate. Tom had been a gambling man, foot-loose and fancy free even while he was married. It had been her worst mistake to marry him, but she sure didn’t want any help from this good-looking dude.

When their landlord comes to tell them he needs the dugout they’ve been renting for his son, Lara wonders if God has totally forgotten them. They have no choice but to enter the race for some Oklahoma land.

Gabriel’s Atonement is Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors. Go for it!

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