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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Book Review: FOR ALL ETERNITY by June Foster

I'm reviewing a book today for a lady who has to be one of the world's sweetest authors, and her writing reflects her personality so very well. This sweet romance has all the elements in it: One woman, one man, and...oops, another woman...and yep, a huge barrier to their romance.

Joella Crawford is an interior decorator with a secret in her past. JD Neilson is a CPA with a deception in his present life. When Joella finds out this deception, she's devastated. His religion, a really weird cult, forbids their romance. Her beliefs agree with that notion. They back away from each other at top speed, but they forget to bring their hearts into that decision. Bot.h of them remain joined at the heart, despite JD's engagement to another woman from his own church.

It's a quandary you really should buy the book to help them resolve, okay? Available from Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.
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