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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday Sermonette - Are We There Yet?

A few years back, I stood at the edge of the Mogollon Rim, not far from Payson, AZ. No, this isn't a picture of that view, but if you stand where I stood, it seems like you can see forever--kind of like this picture of Monument Valley.

How far is forever, anyway? I'm probably closer to seeing forever than you are, and I'm definitely looking forward to the wider vista from Heaven. I truly will be able to see forever.

I wonder sometimes if I'll be able to peek through a window in heaven's floor and watch my family. I hope so. That will be the only sad part of heaven--not being able to hug my kids and grandkids and friends--but being able to be with Jesus will more than make up for it.

And there are my mom and grandmas and several others who are already there; can't wait to see them. What a reunion!

Have you ever thought about the things you'd like to ask God? I'm making a list--but one of the topmost things I'd like? Please, Lord, may I watch a video of the formation of the earth? Or DVD, heavenly style? And there are a lot of places on this earth I've only seen in pictures...and in outer space!

I don't think there will be theological questions, because I get the impression then we will know without asking (1st Corinthians 13:12). What a day that will be!

Now, don't get the impression from all this jabbering that I think my time is at hand. None of us know for sure, of course, but I'm not feeling deathly ill or anything. Far from it. But--Even so, Lord Jesus, come! I'm ready to experience forever!
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