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Sunday, December 14, 2014


The next installment in the Once Upon ... Series, the ongoing saga of the Mullens family.

In this one Jillian's grandmother is awakened on Christmas Eve morning by a thunderstorm and her quivering miniature dachshund, Fidget. Abby gives up on sleep.

She lets the dog out to do his morning ablutions, feeds him, and begins to build a pot of coffee, when suddenly Fidget alerts her to something scrabbling around outside the front door.

It's something small and furry--but what? Turns out the little wet furball has awakened nearly the entire neighborhood, but no one has been close enough to it to determine what it is or catch it. The neighbors congregate at her house for coffee.

Jillian and her dad bring over breakfast, and afterwards she and her friend Sammie go looking for the furry thing again. Only Sammie gets distracted by her boyfriend and the "present" he brings her.

Oh, no, not another round with Meth!

Now what? The short e-story is available from Amazon.

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