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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Book Review – UNDER THE SILK HIBISCUS by Alice Wisler

During World War II, the United States became fearful of both the Germans and the Japanese who had chosen to come to the US to live. Even though some had been here for a few generations, all were sent to internment camps. This is a historical fiction about just a few of the Japanese displaced folks, and the author has obviously done her research.

Nathan Mori has become the caretaker for his family—his pregnant mama, older brother Ken, younger brother Tom Aunt Kazuo, and baby sister. Papa had been accused of being a spy and was taken to another place of internment, but the rest of his family is relocated from San Jose, California, to Heart Mountain, Wyoming. Not even being third generation American and Christian has helped. They are forced to live in poorly insulated barracks with little food, medical help, or

Logically, Ken should be the one to lead the family as the oldest boy, but the seventeen-year-old is more interested in being in the San Jose gang and flirting with all the pretty girls. Including the beautiful Fusou Yokota—or Lucy, her American name. Lucy has the most amazing voice, one that soothes away his anxieties. Nathan just wishes she would notice him and not just his big brother.

You'd think things couldn't get any worse, being in an internment camp, forced to be the provider, getting hungrier, needing medical care for his mother--but worse does come to pass long before relief.

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