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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Book Review: THE UNBREAKABLE BOY by Scott LeRette with Susy Flory

I have yet to read anything with Susy Flory falling anywhere near flat. She has a wonderful talent for working with people and getting their stories into an awe-inspiring, heart-touching book. This book is no exception. It's definitely another "wow."

Austin LeRette is the first-born baby of two flawed people: Scott is a heavy drinking, ex-navy, macho guy with a propensity to hide in the closet when life gets to be too much--which it does, and often. He also talks a lot to his invisible friend, Joe.

Teressa LeRrette has beautiful blue eyes--even the irises are blue--with osteogenesis imperfecta (IO--a bone-breaking disease, literally) and a few secrets in her past.

Little bumps can become big breaks with IO, and there's a possibility she will pass it on to the baby. Sure enough, Austin is born with the same disease.

There are several unique things about Austin (Auz) they find as he grows up. Yes, he breaks bones right and left. Trips to the emergency room are frequent. He also has autism. Plus a wonderful optimism, a sense of humor that won't quit, and a knack for making friends with absolutely everyone.

Add in a younger brother who somehow becomes the beloved big brother.

Still--their parents find they need more than just optimism and humor to be good parents and spouses. They have a lot to learn about love and life and crises.

This would be the perfect book to begin the new year reading. It's carried at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors. If you order now, you can get it before New Year's Day. In fact, if you order it today (December 24) in ebook format, you could get it today!
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