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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Book Review: A CHRISTMAS GIFT by Kathi Macias

Another winner by Kathi Macias! I love the way this woman writes, don't you?

Julia Lawson Bennington had lived the dream life up until the time her husband, Tom, passed away two years earlier. Now she couldn't get herself out of this black depression. She couldn't stop crying, and she could see no purpose to her life--not even for her children.

Then her mother let slip how some friends had gone to southern Mexico to teach at a remote mission. That's when she made that huge life-changing decision. She would also go for one school term--much to the dismay of her parents and her two college-age children.

Time and time again, the Padre and the Barnes had cautioned her to never go outside the compound by herself, but just after Thanksgiving, she had ignored their advice. Just once shouldn't hurt.

Except that that one time was enough for her to be spotted and kidnapped. T,e man demands one million dollars from her family. If they don't pay, the evil man would deliver her in several pieces.

You simply must help her. Hurry--go buy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble!
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