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Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Release - FEAR NOT

Yes, I wrote some of the days' devotional encouragements in this booklet, but most were written by people who have lived through the same level of fear that you are experiencing. It's my hope and prayer this book will pull you into God's comforting arms and bring His loving peace to your life.

You should know--I will not make one single penny from the sale of this book. All of my royalties will go to cancer research.

I love the cover for this devotional. The woman is praying in the midst of a storm, and take a look at her expression. She's at peace, totally unafraid. That comfort level isn't normally achievable. At least, not without God.

My hope is this: if you are going through a fearful time--and it doesn't have to be cancer, although that certainly qualifies--please give this book's thirty-three days a chance to breathe a measure of courage into your life. Or maybe you know of someone in that situation. Might you find it in your heart to give them a reason to do as God said in the Bible hundreds of times: "Fear not, for I am with you."

Available from CreateSpace and Amazon.

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