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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


If you love a good mystery, you'll love this one. Anslee Urban has crafted one that could keep you awake all night!

Kylie Harper returns to her hometown for her ten-year class reunion only to get to relive the most horrible experience that might happen to teenage sweethearts. The other half of that couple (Nick Bently) flies into town at the same time she does, although the he came to help out his brother, in the hospital with severe injuries due to an accident.

Neither of them thought to contact each other. That one night's gruesome experience ten years before was one that drove a wedge between them. Now they are called on to help local law enforcement solve that cold case, and more bodies begin to show up. The killer torments Kylie with cell phone calls.

Nick is the one who reaches out to console her--or is he instead the one who plans to kill her?

This is another one you just have to get. It's on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Bodies pile up, and Kylee

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