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Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Review: PEARLS OF CHRISTMAS by Patti J. Smith

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This is Volume Four of the Christmases Past series, and Patti J. Smith has created a wonderfully heartbreaking and heartwarming story set in the Vietnam War era.

Jason Jacobsen volunteers for the Air Force the day after he graduates from high school, leaving behind his sweetheart Sarah Anderson. At first, it's not all that scary.  They exchange almost daily letters and frequent phone calls. Jason stays stateside until he has a brief tour in Thailand. No phone calls then, but the letters are regular. Even so, Sarah has a recurring nightmare of a chaplain showing up with Jason's dogtags to report his death.

When he is released from the Air Force, they think their fears are past--but he gets a recall notice. He's optimistic, though, that he will be home by Christmas. Just in case, he sends her gift--a string of pearls and a scarf--that arrive a couple of days before Christmas. Then her nightmare comes to pass. The chaplain tells her and his parents that there is no hope and they need to accept that Jason won't be coming home.

Beyond all reason, Sarah refuses to accept that reality. You can find out what happens, bad and good, by purchasing the short story on Amazon.

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