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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Book Review - LOVE FINDS YOU IN PARADISE, PA by Loree Lough

Whenever I get a book by Loree Lough, I know it's going to be good. This story about a young woman attorney and a widowed veterinarian, both heart-wounded and unwilling to take a chance on love, is typical for Loree--well-written and engrossing.

Julia Spencer loves going to the wolf refuge and communing with the friendlier wolves. That's where Simon Thomas first encounters the prettiest woman he's seen since his wife died. While visiting his four-legged patients, he introduces himself.

The rest should take all of about twenty-five pages, but the path of love is not allowed to run smoothly in a novel, but they have mutual friends who will help them through: an Amish couple with a delightful little boy. There will be insurmountable obstacles to overcome and tragedy to storm their paths.

I think you will really enjoy these obstacles. You will need to purchase the book to help them through. Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
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