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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Book Review--WILLING TO TOUCH by Marianne Selay

Biblical fiction is one of my first loves, and I did really enjoy this book. I would have given it a five, but found a few minor errors. Despite that--this is a heartwarming and inspiring story of loyalty, love, and faith's journey.

Two well-known personalities from the Bible are the main characters--the woman who dared to touch Jesus's cloak, knowing she would be healed by only that brief connection; and Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue in Capernaum whose daughter Jesus raised from the dead.

After years of suffering from bleeding, Leah was in danger of losing her loving husband, Ethan. In modern times, she probably would be diagnosed with polyps on the uterus, operated on, and sent home happy. But in Jesus's time, that  wasn't an option. Divorce was, and Ethan's father engaged in loud arguments with his son to get a different wife and produce a son.

Jairus is an uncertain young man. He greatly desires to follow God and all the commandments--including those of the synagogue leader, Malcus. Malcus is a pompous, self-centered, and demanding leader. He doesn't much like Jairus, who probably should have been the lead ruler, and delights in making life miserable for the young man--especially when Jairus begins listening to Jesus.

Jairus's wife has difficulty carrying a baby to term. When one is finally born healthy enough to live, Jairus dotes on this baby daughter. After she becomes sickly years later, he despairs--the physicians give up on her and she is failing fast.

It will take miracles to turn this morass around--and if you read the story in the Bible, you already know the ending--sorta. But wouldn't you love to see flesh on those old bones? You can grab the book at Amazon for very reasonable prices for either ebook or paperback.

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