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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Book Review--CHAPEL SPRINGS REVIVAL by Ane Mulligan (1 free book)

Oh, I loved this book--lighthearted humor at it's very, very best. The heroine--or one of them--is priceless. Permanent foot in mouth, cooks like the worst navy chef ever, graceful as a pregnant cow, and hungering for her husband to say she's pretty or that he's proud of her. The book kept me grinning all the way through.

If it weren't for her lifelong friend Patsy, Claire would probably have killed herself several times over. Oh, no--not on purpose. But setting the cooking school on fire is just a small example.

Claire has a problem. She had become a Christian after marrying Joel; what if God had someone else in mind for her? Joel is such a negative person when it comes to her; what if some other guy is who God had for her? She has no intention of hurting Joel; after all, he's the father of their five kids, the oldest of whom is getting married after the Fourth of July--to a girl with coldest, most demanding, hoity-toity-est mother in the US of A.

Claire can't cook--everyone knows that. Joel usually does the cooking, but he won't cook for more than ten people, and the rehersal dinner will be more than twenty, and Mrs. Hoity-toity wants her to cook for it.

You gotta get this book. You'll love it. Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Ane Mulligan is offering one free book to a commenter. Leave your comment with your email within one week (by September 17), and do it in this manner: anneb1944 at aol dot com. That at least slows down the spammers.
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