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Friday, August 1, 2014

Book Review--NOT FORGOTTEN by Karen Gass

Here is a story that lifts where we need it most. Although it has both Kathi Macias's and my names on it, credit for this wonderful story goes to Karen Gass. Her vivid descriptions (like a grouchy lock that resists the key) tickle the fancy and lift dark moods right out of the doldrums.

Tina Harper is at her wit's end. The youngish widow has hit nearly every place of business in this small town, Sweetland, but no one has a job opening for her. Food is getting as scarce in her little unairconditioned rental as a cool breeze in the hot summer weather in Sweetland. One more day of job hunting and she will have hit the end of her possibilities.

Amanda Casey is excited. Pastor Paul has a suggestion to reach the "invisible" people in their church, the ones who sit in the back and disappear immediately after the service without talking to anyone. God has laid Tina on her heart, and so after the Sunday service, she grabs the woman and insists on lunch at a local eatery. To their surprise, they have an amazing number of things in common and immediately hit it off. After lunch, prayers for a good job for Tina, and promises to call each other, Tina is feeling much more optimistic.

Brent Towers is the manager of the Superfoods grocery store, and when Tina walks into the store and asks for an application to fill out, she is led to his office for an interview. What happens next is right out of the movies.

You'll have to buy your own copy to find out what--but it's only 99 cents. Charge on over to Amazon and pick up the short story. You'll be glad you did.
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