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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Book Review--LIBBY by Fay Lamb

I really love reading Fay Lamb's books. She puts more twists into her stories than are in a kindergartner's braids. In this one, a man and woman in love with each other misunderstand each other's statements over and over as only people with pronounced inferiority complexes can do.

Libby Overstreet has spent several years being her helpless and very sick mother's sole caregiver. Her mother passes away, and Libby has little experience to enter the working world, let alone the dating world. She has an idea to build a garden center.

Evan Carter has this eye for beauty--both in landscaping and in women. Libby catches his eye, but he can see she is such a sweet innocent. He has no business pushing himself into her life with his barely controlled temper and ugly background.

Libby and Evan have mutual friends in Charisse and Gideon Tabor, but they are too much into matchmaking for either Libby's or Evan's comfort. Add to that mixture a woman who used to date Evan in his alcoholic days. Hope is determined to tear the couple apart and lure Evan back into the party scene.

How in the world can this mess be untangled? You should trot over Amazon and get a copy, quick.

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