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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book Review--HOMECOMING by Karen Kosman

Karen Kosman may be a new writer on the scene, but she is showing some great promise. Homecoming is Volume 5 in the Summer in Sweetland Series, and it is such a wonderful story!

Kim Goodman is engaged to a very successful young attorney, she's about to graduate from college, and she's battling a cold she just can't seem to shake. Mark is supposed to pick her up from her apartment and drive her to Sweetland. Unfortunately, he calls to say he's busy--again--and hangs up on her--again.

So she drives home alone for her mom's belated Mother's Day and her father's birthday.

On the same weekend that her old boyfriend returns home from the armed forces.

Can you see a problem or two coming up? Perhaps you can help solve it if your buy Homecoming from Amazon. The short story is only 99 cents. What could you lose?

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