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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book Review--CALL OF THE LOONS by Sue Badeau

Sue Badeau is showing a wonderful propensity for writing a sweet mystery in this delightful beginning volume to Roots and Wings at "Loonstone Lake."

Louanne and her cousin, Chris, have inherited their grandparent's property in northern New England, a somewhat dilapidated campground inexplicably closed in the middle of the season in 1974. Chris wants to sell the place to pay for their children's college educations. Louanne has nostalgic mixed feelings about selling.

Louanne and her husband Frank travel there for her to say her last goodbyes to the place where she spent so many happy summers, but instead, they begin to talk about buying Chris out and reopening the campground.

The loan company has qualms about lending money on the admittedly valuable property with the reasons for its closing unresolved. The mystery's investigation begins....

This wonderful little story can be purchased at Amazon for only 99 cents.

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