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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Author Interviews--Writers of the Upcoming FEAR NOT Devo (4th free book)

Anne: Sometime soon, my new devotional, Fear Not, will be released--hopefully sometime during August. So, in the next few weeks, I want you to get to know each of the writers in the devo a little better. I asked each of them the same questions. If they have a website, you can click on their names to find out more about them. I have placed nine other interviews on previous blogs. You can read them by clicking here on 1st2nd, and 3rd. I'm giving away one free book on each blog about the writers, and the contest is open until the book releases.


The first person I'm interviewing today is a personal friend. I became acquainted with Jan Hasak a few years back when we both were in a booksigning in Chico at Lyon Books. I bought her book, Mourning Has Broken, Reflections on Surviving Cancer. Jan is a retired lawyer and a woman of tremendous courage and determination. Her devo will be the first one you read in Fear Not.

Jan, why did you contribute to Fear Not?

Jan: My life with breast cancer has been ongoing for almost nineteen years, albeit with two remissions. The initial diagnosis was at an early stage, but even finding it early as a Christian did not mean I wasn't terrified of the outcome. I leaned on prayer and the promise of the healing power of God's wings to carry me through.

When it recurred, again at an early phase, I felt God was prompting me to write books about my journey so that I could offer godly hope to those newly diagnosed. But when it came back two years ago as late-stage breast cancer, with no hope of a cure, I really faced my demons. It was time to have a serious discussion with God about what He was doing by allowing the malignant cells to travel to my bones and other places.

The devotional Fear Not came along at a perfect time in my life, a season in which I face fear every day but also know that the Lord can wipe away all tears--and fears--from our existence. This book project presented a wonderful opportunity to teach others the lessons I have learned about facing tomorrow with the absolute conviction that God will take our anxieties and use them for good.

Anne: What is the one thing you want people to know about you?

Jan: In my legacy I would like to be known for my gentle spirit and kindness toward others, using Christ as my role model.

Anne: Why is clinging to God when you are afraid important for you personally?

Jan: Each day when I feel pain I wonder if my cancer, which is stable right now, will progress and I will have to seek alternatives with no promise of keeping it at bay. My destiny is out of my control. That's why embracing God is foundational to me. All my fear of scans, pain, and other distressors I give over to God. He can handle what I cannot.

Anne: What is your next writing project?

Jan: My next writing project is making a collection of some of my blog posts about living with advanced cancer and turning them into an e-book that will serve as an inspiration to other patients and their loved ones, friends, and caregivers. Only 150,000 Americans live with advanced breast cancer at this time. Educating people on what it's like is a rare privilege because there are so few of us, and even fewer with a Christian perspective and a faith-based philosophy.


Anne: Next up is Amy Disney, wife of Alan and mother of Macey and Rylie, and another cancer survivor with a story to tell.

Amy, why did you contribute to Fear Not?

Amy: I wrote a devotional for this book in the hope that I could play a small part in easing someone else's struggle. 

Anne: What is the one thing you want people to know about you?

Amy: I want people to know that I really appreciate the opportunity to submit a devotional for Fear Not. It is an honor to have my piece in the same book as such gifted writers.

Anne: Why is clinging to God when you are afraid important for you personally?

Amy: I believe that fear of the unknown is a major obstacle in faith. People are limited to knowing only past and present; we can't see the future. It is comforting to me to know that God has no obstacles. He knows what is going to happen and how everything is going to turn out.

Anne: What is your next writing project? or, What is the next important event in your life?

Amy: I am not sure what lies next. I am praying and trusting in God's plan for me and for my family. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying more time with family and have recently taken on more responsibility at church.


Anne: The last writer for today is Eileen Rife, a Christian author and speaker. She and her husband give marriage seminars, and Eileen has also written a devotional of her own, called Tranquil Moments, Spiritual Refreshment from the Island of Maui. She and her husband also have several other books out--listed on her website, which I really encourage you to check out.

Eileen, why did you contribute to Fear Not?

Eileen: With my natural propensity to fear, my ears perked up when Anne invited me to contribute to her devotional. What a joy to affirm once again that faith in God dispels fear. This is a timely message for all.

Anne: What is the one thing you want people to know about you?

Eileen: I want people to know that my number one desire for myself and for my readers is to know who we are in Christ and what part we play in His amazing story! With that confidence fueling my life, I have no time to get caught up in fear.

Anne: Why is clinging to God when you are afraid important for you personally?

Eileen: Clinging to God in the midst of fear is absolutely essential to me. Without my God-connection, fear debilitates me, crippling me and hindering me from reaching out to others. The Lord is the only one who can give me eyes to see Him, ears to hear His comfort, and a heart to embrace Him and let go of the fear.

Anne: What is your next writing project--or what is the next important event in your life?

Eileen: Wow, God is doing so much right now! My seventh grandchild just entered the world. My husband and I are housing our missionary children over the next year (11 of us!). And I have several book projects in the works: a coauthored novel, a novella, a devotional, a fiction series, and a soon-to-be released kids' quip book titled, Wit and Wisdom from the Wee Ones, inspired by my seven grandchildren.


Anne: That's it for the interviews today, but there will be more later. Meanwhile, I'm offering a fourth Fear Not book to a commenter on this blog. Three more are offered on the first, second, and third groups of interviews. I'm hoping that, even if you don't personally have fearful things to work through, you might know someone who does, someone who might benefit from encouraging devotions from people who have been there and come through with God's help. Leave your email in this fashion: anneb1944 (at) aol (dot) com so as to at least slow down spammers.
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