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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Sermonette--Whatever It Would Take

One problem that people have with Jesus dying on the cross for our sins: They don't believe--and probably it is true--that they have done anything worthy of death. But--can you think of anyone who is deserving of death? Child molesters? Serial killers? Terrorists?

But this much is true: Whatever it would have taken to pay your way, He would have given it. Even if you'd been the only one to ever mess up. Whatever it took to bring you into God's kingdom. Whatever it took to lift you out of the messes you get yourself into. Whatever it took to bring you into that relationship with Him--that friendship.

Whatever it would take, He would have done it. He didn't just die on the cross--the most tortuous death the world at that time knew--but he also went to hell for those days before the ressurrection. Hell is the place of continual torment. Think of the worst pain you've ever been in, and think about being in that pain nonstop. That's hell.

Whatever it would take to issue the invitation to the worst of us to admit our own guilt and ask Him to let us in. That is what the Savior did for us.

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