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Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Morning Devo--Beyond the Tomb, Part 5

This is another passage a little long for this blog, so get out your Bible and turn to John 21:1-14 (or if you don't have one, this is a good one, free online:
A while after Jesus had risen from the dead, apparently it had been a few days (or maybe weeks) since the disciples had seen their Master. I guess Simon Peter got impatient. He told the other disciples, "I'm going fishing." Several of the others agreed and went with him.

Now, before you start thinking this was recreation, think again. This was the profession Jesus called many of them out of. Maybe they were running low on money, or maybe they were thinking without Jesus around they might as well go back to their professions. Or maybe they were just hungry.

They were out on the Sea of Tiberius (also called the Galilean Sea) all night long and hadn't caught a thing. The sun came up, and they saw Someone standing on the beach. He cups His hands and calls to them, "Children, do you have anything to eat?"

"Nothing," they call back.

"Throw your nets on the right side of the boat."

At this point, I'm betting Peter, Andrew, James, and John cast "could it be?" looks at each other. Remember what had happened when Jesus had first called them to be His disciples? Without a question, they throw the net over the right side of the boat; and sure enough, they had so many fish they had to drag the net to shore instead of pulling the fish on board from where they were.

Peter, again probably impatient, left his friends to deal with the fish. He took off his outer garment, jumped into water, and swam to shore. He was that eager to be with his Lord.

How eager are you to spend time with the Lord?

Sweet Jesus, may we all be as eager as Simon Peter to be close to You.
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