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Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Release--A Father's Day Miracle (One Free E-Book)

One person who leaves a comment below will win a copy of my new short story; if you leave an email, leave it like this (which is my own e-mail) anneb1944 at aol dot com. Spammers are in a hurry--they like ease of access, so it's sort of like a locked house versus an unlocked one to thieves. You have until June 1 to leave a comment.

This story is about a family that experiences a sudden death, one that tears them to pieces. One is in a denial-psychosis, the other so deep in grief that help is almost unbearably hard to give.

The help of friends, the assistance of their church family, and the care of the hospital staff--will it be enough? Or will it take a touch from God to rescue the remaining members of this family?

A Father's Day Miracle is available from Amazon for only 99 cents.

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