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Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Morning Devo--Beyond the Tomb, Part 2

Possibly the next thing after Jesus's conversation with Mary Magdalene was the walk to Emmaus.

Two men, Cleopas and one other, both followers of Jesus) walked toward Cleopas's home in Emmaus, a distance of approximately seven miles. Some theologians have surmised the other was Luke, because this incident is reported only in the gospel of Luke.

As the two men walked along they discussed the events that had happened with Passover and the crucifixion. Another Man came up alongside them, and He asked them what they were talking about. They asked Him if He were the only person in Jerusalem who had not heard. They proceeded to tell Him everything that had happened, and then He began to tell the two men the old prophecies that had talked about this.

When they reached Emmeus, it was getting on toward evening, and Cleopas invited Him to stay and break bread with them. Oddly enough, He was the one who broke the bread. When He did their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him. Why hadn't they before? Was it raining, and they wore their cloaks over their heads? They maybe weren't expecting to see Him? Was it dark in their house? I don't know.

What is amazing is then He disappeared. The two men jumped to their feet and RAN the seven miles back to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples.

What is it that keeps you from recognizing Him?

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