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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Week--Thursday before Easter

When Jesus woke up on that Thursday morning, it would be the last rest He would get as a human. I realize He was also God, but while He was on this earth He had the same limitations as we do--including the need for rest. If any of you have gone without sleep for an extended period, you might have a smidgen of an inkling for how tired He would feel. I doubt He slept well Wednesday night, either; would you, knowing what was coming?
The Bible says He "earnestly" desired to eat His last meal with them--the Passover feast.

A little background, if you don't know what the Passover was. The last of the ten curses God put on Egypt through Moses was that every first-born male of every household in Egypt would die. Except, of course, the Jews. And how the angel of Death would know to exclude those Jewish households was that the blood of a sacrificial lamb (the yearling lamb killed to atone for sins) would be painted on the doorpost of their homes.

The Jews would then eat in a hurry--not taking the time to let the bread raise before cooking (thus the unleavened bread), and eating the cooked lamb.

What Jesus's friends (His twelve disciples) didn't realize was that the next day Jesus would be the last sacrificial Lamb needed ever. But Jesus knew, and He wanted to spend this last day with His closest friends. There was so much He had to tell them, and He didn't want people coming to Him for healings or the priests coming to trap Him one more time or any other of a myriad of distractions. He only wanted His twelve closest friends.

Even Judas, the one who would betray Him. You see, He loved even Judas. He washed Judas feet too. He gave Judas communion--the bread and wine--too.

If He could love Judas, He can love even you and me.
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