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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Sermonette--Three Fingers Back

When we were visiting at my son's place by Ft. Jones, CA, last weekend, we attended his church. Their lead pastor, Terry Munn, made a statement I really agree with.

He said he and Brett McMorris (my son and the youth pastor there) had been talking about writing sermons. It seems they both agreed that the best sermons are the ones written to yourself. The ones written with one finger pointing at the congregation and three fingers back at yourself.

Find something in yourself you wish you did better, then make it into a sermon. Oh come on--we all have flaws. What's yours? I'll bet you could preach it too!

Things I wish I did better:

I wish I worked harder at understanding people who think differently than I do.

I wish I would get out and exercise.

I wish I were more patient with my husband.

I wish I were more generous.

See what I mean? God still has work to do in my life. Therefore, there are a LOT more sermons coming!

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