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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book Review--VOW UNBROKEN by Caryl McAdoo

I loved this book--fast paced, adventurous, and satisfyingly wholesome. Way to go, Caryl!

Susannah Baylor is a young widow with a premium crop of cotton, baled and promised to a buyer for three and a half to four cents a pound. When sold, for the first time since her husband and his brother were killed in a logging accident, she and her teenage nephew and little girl will not be facing privations and another year of back-breaking work.

Then the double-crossing, conniving swindler says he won't buy it at that price, but only for two cents a pound. At that price, Susannah would have to sell off part of the land she had fought so hard to keep for the children. She decides she must take the two wagons filled with cotton to buyers in Jefferson. With luck, she can catch up with the others who are taking their cotton there.

Trouble is, she can't find anyone of her friends to go with her. Her best friend suggests Henry Buckmeyer. What? That slacker? The man who didn't even have a job and everybody knew he drank all his meager earnings? Not a chance!

Nevertheless, the next morning finds her on the trail with Levi (the nephew), Becky (the daughter), and Henry Buckmeyer. But no way is that man going to order her around. She will show him who's boss.

Oh, you are going to love this book. Buy it. You won't be sorry, I promise! Oh--and Caryl is offering one free signed book to one commenter on this blog, US or Canada only, please. Leave your email below by 5 pm Pacific on March 12. But--if you don't win, be sure to go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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