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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Sermonette--When Is It Too Late?

Have you ever heard anyone say, "It's too late for me?" Meaning they can't stop doing whatever they're doing that they wish they weren't doing?

Most folks are dead wrong when they say that.

"It's too late for this marriage."

"It's too late--I can't stay in this job."

"I can't go back home; it's too late."

"I can't stop drinking--I'm addicted and it's too late to quit.."

"It's too late to mend the fences between my friend and I."

"I can't ask God to forgive me. It's too late. I've messed up too often."

It's not too late unless you're dead. Now, I could be wrong, but if you are alive enough to read this, you're alive enough to make it right. Instead of making excuses, make some changes. There are exceptions, but most things can be corrected if you will make the effort.

The changes have to begin with you. You can't change anyone else.

If you need to ask someone--or God--for forgiveness, do it now.

If you need to stop drinking or drugging and can't do it on your own, check yourself into a facility. And pray, pray, pray yourself through.

Time is precious. There's no day like today. Do it now. I could spout several other cliche's, but you get the point, don't you?

It's not too late...yet. But we're not guaranteed a tomorrow, are we?

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