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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Sermonette--Counting Down

It's only four days until Christmas. All over the world children peer out their windows hoping for a glimpse of a reindeer-pulled sleigh with a jolly red man and lots of presents onboard. Somewhere, a few guys are thinking about popping the question to their sweethearts. Women are wondering who they've forgotten to send a card to or if they've missed something they should have purchased for their kids.

And a few--a precious few--will be anticipating that celebration and readying their hearts for not just the tinsel but also for the Christ Child.

How do you ready yourself?

* I like to play Christmas music. Too much and hubby gets grouchy instead of merry, though, so have to watch for that.

* Decorating. Just a small amount for us. I think sometimes folks might put up so many that impatience reigns and tempers tend to flare. Lord, help me know when enough is enough.

* Sending Christmas Cards. I love sending out newsy letters with pictures to friends and relatives. I love getting them, too, and thinking about the dear ones so far away.

* Christmas Eve Service. I love this, especially singing Silent Night while we light candles from our neighbor's flame. Afterwards we always take a tour around the town to admire the Christmas lights.

* Taking time to sit quietly and reflect on how glad I am that He gave up his heavenly throne and glory to enter a small, smelly stable with an inexperienced young mother and a not-so-wealthy wealthy father.

How do you prepare your own hearts and hearths for His coming?
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