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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Guest Post--Rick Mayhew

Today's guest blogger is Rick Mayhew, author of Donovan's Law and Soul Survivor. He is a chief officer and former chaplain for the fire service in Southern California. With thirty-three years of fire service experience, Rick brings an insider’s perspective of our country’s first responders when dealing with disasters. Rick also serves as a chaplain for Victim Relief Ministries, an organization known for responding to national disasters. He and his wife Suzi have been lovingly married for thirty-two years. They have two daughters, two son-in-laws, and two grandchildren. Rick and his family enjoy living an adventurous life, which includes spending a lot of time in the ocean.

‘Twas the Vision before Christmas

I lay at rest in a peaceful state,
Tomorrow is Christmas and the children can’t wait.
The weather outside is crispy and clear,
The glow from the fireplace reflects in the mirror.
My eyes become heavy and my thoughts start to fade,
But not before visions of my family invade.
Then a slight tap…tap…tap begins soft in my head,
It grows with intensity ‘til I rise from my bed.
I look to the window where the noise is abound,
In my grogginess and haste I step on the hound.
As I spy through the window the tap-tap fades away,
I’m staring at nothing and I like it that way.
Than a humorous thought comes to me from the past,
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas it’s happening at last.
A slight chuckle slips out as I turn toward the bed,
The tap-tap starts again and it’s not in my head.
This time as I squint to see the cause,
I witness a sight but it’s not Santa Claus.
The stars have aligned to a wonderful scene,
A manger, a mother, a baby…a dream.
I blink my eyes twice and rub out the sleep,
I look once again and the scene is more deep.
The wise men, the animals, and even the bright star,
Have formed once again in the distance afar.
Now a message appears as the stars realign,
God’s written word, what a wonderful sign.

“This is My Son Whom I love and adore,
His birth was My gift to the rich and the poor.
So don’t lose your focus on this Christmas day,
Remember your Savior and what He had to say.
There’s no greater gift from one friend to another,
Than to lay down his life in place of the other.”

Then as fast as it came it faded away,
My nose pressed the window in hope it would stay.
I made my way back to the bed in a fog,
This time I made sure I stepped over the dog.
Then I sat very still, my gaze circled the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

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