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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Guest Post--God Sightings by Melanie Jeschke

Today's guest blog is from Melanie Jeschke, a fellow author at Helping Hands Press. Take it away, Melanie!

This summer at Vacation Bible School we taught the children to look for “God-sightings,” evidence that God is at work in our circumstances or through other people. Recognizing God’s love and leading in our lives encourages and enriches us. Recently, I experienced the special blessing of one of these “God-sightings.”

My husband is a pastor, and we rarely have an opportunity to visit other churches; however, one weekend in November one of our youth ministers stepped in to preach. My sister had also come up from Florida to visit and be on hand to stay with my elderly parents, and so my husband and I decided to “play hooky.”
Consequently, I was looking forward to the opportunity for a little “getaway” at a B &B in the country. My husband declared he had prayed about my plan, but he thought we should stay locally and attend one of the churches not far from our new home so that we could get to know our community better. (My parents moved in with us the end of May, following a laborious move of our own last year from our home of twenty-three years in Vienna (Fairfax County), Virginia, further west to the town of Manassas). A tad disappointed but happy to have any time away, I promptly booked a room in a lovely Civil War-era B & B in “Old Town” Manassas.

The next morning we visited a large, well-known church in the area. After the inspiring worship service we explored the church building and listened in on a business meeting. By the time we emerged to the lobby, most of the congregation had cleared out. However, I noticed a woman, with curly strawberry-blond hair, talking in a small group of people. Her hair looked like that of an old friend we hadn’t seen in many years. This friend, also a “Melanie,” and her family had been founding members of our church, The King’s Chapel. Later they had moved to Manassas and attended the church we were now visiting. A number of years ago they had moved again to Lynchburg, VA, and although we keep in touch through email and Facebook, we had not seen them in person since then. Spotting this distinctive curly hair, I moved around for a closer look, and sure enough, there stood our friend Melanie with her family and some other mutual friends, whom we also hadn’t seen in many years! This “coincidence” of running into old friends at a church we had never been to before, amazing in itself, proved to be only part of the blessing.

 Joyfully, Melanie explained that they had almost visited our church The King’s Chapel that morning because they so wanted to see us while they were in the area for Melanie’s birthday. They had prayed and felt the Holy Spirit’s leading to attend this church instead, and although torn, they obeyed. And voilĂ ! There we were! If they had gone to The King’s Chapel, they wouldn’t have seen us; and likewise, if we had not stayed in Manassas, we wouldn’t have seen them. Experiencing the clear leading of God’s Holy Spirit in our lives multiplied the blessing of our unexpected reunion.
What a fun and serendipitous “God-sighting!”

Melanie M. Jeschke
Adjunct Professor of English: Marymount University & Northern Virginia Community College
Author of Jillian Dare
and  Inklings, Expectations, & Evasions, Books I, II, & III of The Oxford Chronicles   
twitter: @Jeschke_m 
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