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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review--SOUL SURVIVOR by Rick Mayhew

Soul Survivor

This book is a sequel to Donovan's Law published last year. Rick Mayhew, the Chief Officer and Chaplain for the fire service in southern California, is also a Chaplain for Victim Relief Ministries, an organization that responds to national disasters. Soul Survivor is a futuristic view of the Biblical end times.

Donovan Law lies in a coma, kept alive with machines. Special Agent David Roberts and Sergeant Rebecca Moises, members of the Specialized Terrorist Task Force, have been assigned the duty of taking down all the Christian terrorist cells.

One man, called The Phoenix, has assumed control of the world, but suddenly he is killed by one of these terrorist cells. The world mourns and the Task Force vows revenge.

One problem is that Agent Roberts has become mysteriously unreliable. Agent Moises might have to replace him. There's one local policeman, Detective Ken Lunnon, who is particularly good looking. She thinks he would make the perfect replace, but there's one vital thing she doesn't know about him.

Soul Survivor is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
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