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Friday, December 6, 2013

Book Review--CECILE'S CHRISTMAS MIRACLE by Ruth L. Snyder

If you like stories of missionaries, this might be the story for you. This is a very short novella, one you can read in under an hour. This is Volume Seven in Kathi Macias's 12 Days of Christmas series.

Cecile turns down a marriage proposal and a chance for a life of luxury with Dr. Colin Dumont. She didn't refuse because she didn't love him. It was just that she knew where God wanted her: In the Kalahari Desert with the San Bushman.

The nearest medical assistance, other than Cecile's nursing abilities, was 300 kilometers away, five hours on the rough roads in this part of Botswana. She was the resident medical expert, a responsibility she didn't feel equal to. However, this was where God wanted her, so she did the best she could and sent the worst cases via airplane to the hospital.

Colin has his own problems. He's lonely. He can't get Cecile off his mind. When he hears a voice telling him to go join her, he can't believe that God actually spoke to him. He asks for numerous confirmations. Will he go to Africa for Christmas, or will he succumb to his mother's matchmaking attempts?

Cecile's Christmas Miracle is available from Amazon now at only 99 cents, and will be available from Barnes and Noble and Kobo in the near future. The link will take you to where not only that volume is available, but also the others in the series.

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