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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Sermonette--In Tribute to Diann Hunt.

Yesterday a wonderful, talented Christian bestselling author went to her reward, yet another victim of that villain, cancer. Diann Hunt was a prolific writer and a loving mother, aunt, grandmother, and friend who consistently reflected the Lord she loves in her writing and in her relationships. The world is a poorer place, although heaven is most definitely richer. I wish I could say I knew her personally, but it was only through Facebook and her books that I caught a glimpse of her.

As a writer, she was inspirational. Her family and friends cherished her. After word was released Diann had gone home to the Lord, dozens immediately posted on her timeline expressing their love and sorrow and prayers for the family.

One of her last Facebook posts from a week ago reflects her character. "Amy Grant's singing "I'll Be Home For Christmas (on TV)." Two granddaughters decorating the tree. Next, making hot chocolate (homemade of course with marshmallows) and bring out cookies! Later, Hallmark Christmas movie! Thanks girls for making this one of the best Christmas decorating days ever! Jesus and I are crazy about you!!!! Love Nanny"

I don't think I can improve on that. May God hold her family so close they can't help but experience His loving arms and feel the tears coursing down His face...because, you see, even while He rejoices that she's in Heaven, He weeps with those who were left behind.

Those of you who have lost loved ones recently, may you also find the comfort that only God knows how to give. If you know someone who is grieving, be there for them. A hug says so much more than words.
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