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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Author Interview--Linda Wood Rondeau

Anne: Today the interview is with Linda Wood Rondeau, the author of the novella I reviewed yesterday, A Christmas Prayer. To read the review, click HERE.

Linda, would you please tell us what inspired A Christmas Prayer?

Linda: I took care of my twelve-year-old autistic grandson for six months. Even with one child and two of us giving 24/7 care the challenges were astronomical. And we were “professionals;" that is I was a retired social worker and my husband was still working as a casework supervisor for Franklin County Social Services. I wanted to write a book dedicated to a care giver of an autistic child. I also wanted to write a Christmas romance. I asked myself what might happen if a famous man suddenly discovered he had fathered a child twelve years before, that the child’s adoptive parents were dead, and the child’s current caregiver was up on neglect charges.

Anne: I always love to hear how a book comes into being. Today is Thanksgiving, so do you also have a Thanksgiving prayer?

Linda: I don’t have a book about Thanksgiving, but Alexis repeats a prayer started at Thanksgiving:

What would happen to Gib now? What power could keep him from an
institution? Alexis shot up the same prayer she’d muttered since Thanksgiving. “I need a miracle, Lord.”

Anne: What is your favorite part about being an author?

Linda: I worship as I write, whether fiction or non-fiction. I write a column for my former community newspaper in Malone, New York. These columns are planned for compilation into a devotional series. As I write, I often revisit circumstances in my life where God has brought me through difficult times. As I write, I praise God for His unending faithfulness.

Anne: What is your least favorite part?

Linda: I detest marketing. Not that I’m unwilling. I’m certainly desirous of doing anything I can to help my publishers get the word out about my books and the other authors as well. The reason I don’t care for it as I don’t seem to get very good results from hours of effort. Which leads me to the conclusion, that I’m not very good at it. Although, I will admit I’m better than I was. It’s like my gardening. I can spend hours and my yard still looks pitiful. I try everything anyone suggests. I finally hired a lawn service so I can enjoy my yard. I am looking forward to the day I can hire people to do my marketing so I can spend more time on what I do better. Write.

Anne: Wow, do I ever relate to that! So, what do you do if you hit a wall (writer's block)?

Linda: Sometimes I have to do something else. I put in a load of laundry or do something mundane. Go for a walk or shop. I try not to eat since I’m now in Weight Watchers. Once I’m accomplished something else, no matter how mundane, even if it’s only a game of solitaire, I’m able to look at the page with a new set of eyes. Sometimes, I only need to go back and re-read what I wrote and remember the theme and purpose of my book.

Anne: Your book has a lot about your heroine's preparation for Christmas What do you do to celebrate Christmas?

Linda: I remember when Christmas was a frenzied time. Most often my parents and mother-in-law came to our house for dinner. My mother-in-law particularly enjoyed coming early to watch the children open their presents. As the kids left the nest and started families of their own, Christmas has been a year to year thing. They all have special moments and memories that will live on. This year, will probably be a quiet one with just hubby and me. Those are great, too!

Anne: That's probably what hubby and I will do, too. Would you like to tell us about your next book?

Linda: I have a long short story or mini-novel as I call it releasing November 30 entitled Jolly Angel. There is a lot of play on names throughout the story, especially when Jolly meets her romantic interest Joel Christmas. When Jolly’s mother kicks her out of their Bronx apartment, she ends up in a small town. Unfortunately, her bad choices catch up to her.

I also have a novella being released either December or January: Songs in the Valley, a modern day interpretation of Hosea. When a minister encounters his estranged wife, he discovers she is dying of cancer and is a witness against a brutal drug lord, her lover. Can he find the grace to forgive as he preaches a child of Christ must do?

Anne: Thank you so very much for being here today, Linda. I hope you'll be back again some time!

Linda: Thank you for the interview.
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