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Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Morning Devo--Divided Kingdoms

"If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand." Mark 3:24, NIV.

In this little parable, Jesus was talking to the Pharisees who accused Him of being in league with Satan, that Jesus had cast out demons by Satan's power. Which was just the other side of ridiculous, wasn't it?

This verse also applies to families, churches, communities, nations, etc. Maybe a verse that congress should pay attention to sometimes, huh? And not just at this time, but always.

Several churches have had this problem. One group decides the church needs new chairs, another faction says no, they need to focus on missions. Yes, but if people have to sit on hard chairs (or pews), they won't come back to support any missions. What about the starving children in Outer Mongolia? And so the fight begins. Will it split the church? Sadly and way too often, yes.

I'm blessed by being in a church where the people truly love each other. Yes, there have been disagreements--but like most siblings, the disagreements get resolved without splitting the church. I hope you will love each other enough to stay and work things out, listening to others' points of view. And I hope that we will continue to do so, too. I'll pray for you, and you pray for us--deal?

Prayer: Blessed Lord, please help us when we argue to listen as well as speak. Help us to understand. Help us to give 100% of ourselves to resolution, not separation. Help us to stay and be part of the solution. For Jesus sake, Amen

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