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Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Review--HEAVENLY HAVEN by Christine Lindsay

This is a short novella, Volume Four of Kathi Macias's Twelve Days of Christmas Series. It's set in the Washington state mountains, one that you can read in the hour after you go to bed when you can't sleep. One that can keep your mind off the  big job waiting for you tomorrow.

Jack Burke is an avalanche shooter. When the hills get overloaded with too much snow, a shout or a skier dislodging snow in the wrong place can bring a deadly slide thundering down a mountainside.

His wife Shaina is a bit put out. She wanted an anniversary to remember, but two of Jack's co-workers got the flu and one scheduled his time off at the wrong time. That leaves Jack to take care of the impending avalanches with special exploding four-foot bullets to dislodge the snow while it's safely clear of people below.

Or so he thinks. Shaina decides to take the anniversary trip with their children instead of him, and they are directly below his latest shot.

This short novella is  available from Amazon for only 99 cents.
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