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Friday, October 25, 2013

Book Release Announcement!--THE ROMAN'S QUEST

I am undeniably excited. This is my first book released by a traditional publishing house, Helping Hands Press. On Friday, October 25, 2013, The Roman's Quest will be released in ebook format on Amazon. Not long after that, it will be available at Kobo and at Barnes and Nobel and I believe it will also be available from Amazon and Barnes and Nobel in hard copies as well. If you don't see it available in hard copy by the end of November, you can order a book through me at Now, about the book.
Julius is a young Roman Centurion stationed in Jericho during the first year of Jesus's earthly ministry. He is very attracted to a young Jewish woman, but there are a number of huge obstacles between Julius and Miriam...who, by the way, is also a little smitten with him.

The first obstacle is the fact that he's a Roman, the absolute worst kind of Gentile in the minds of the Jews. The second is that Miriam is already promised to James ben Zebedee, who is recruited by Jesus to be a disciple. The third is that Miriam's mother is dying, and her most fervent wish is to see her daughter's wedding before she dies.

Julius has one other dilemna. He witnesses Jesus's baptism and hears the Voice from Heaven proclaiming Jesus as the Son of the One God. Should he become a proselyte (a convert to the Jewish religion) at the risk of his commander's and his father's scorn? If he does become a proselyte, will it change Miriam's father's opinion of Julius?

One free copy (ebook or hard copy) to one commenter on this blog on or before October 31.

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