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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Sermonette--So, Did You Do It?

Two weeks ago, the Saturday Sermonette was about Things That Divide (click HERE to read). Last week it was Things that Unite (click HERE), and at the end I suggested we talk about what happened when you tried to mend the fences with someone.

What I did is write a letter to the person I deliberately snubbed a few weeks ago. I might have been able to give you any results from that letter had I mailed it off right away. I wrote it, and then decided to let it sit for a day--then something came up (yes, that's the best excuse I can think of) and I didn't finish and mail it until two days ago.

What did you do? Can you share what happened? Or have you done anything? If not, would you be willing to talk about what you think you should do or what you think God would have you do?


  1. Sure, I wrote a friend an email, and confronted her about an issue she has with gossip, and I'm still waiting for her to respond. I have done what I can to be at peace with her, but given her lack of a response, I have done all I can do, and the Lord ha s to deal with her. I feel good about it.

    1. Mine is in His hands, too. I did what I think He wanted me to do.


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