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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Book Review: WHISPERS FROM THE SHADOWS by Roseanna M. White

Whispers from the Shadows, Culper Ring Series #2   -     
        By: Roseanna M. White

I have a few favorite authors, and it has been my joy lately to review some of my very favorites. Roseanna White is one who's among those on top of my list. She writes with humor, suspense, and romance so intertwined that it's difficult to know where one starts and the other leaves off. Whispers from the Shadows is the second in the Culper Ring Series. If you'd like read a review of the first in the series, Ring of Secrets, click HERE.

One of the familiar characters from Ring of Secrets, General Fairchild, has uncovered a fatal secret. He sends his daughter Gwyneth from their home in England to friends in America in the nick of time, but not before she sees one of her mother's brothers kill her father. The ship's rocking and her horror over what she's seen send her into a frightful state. The servants who accompany her to America and her father's friends fear for her sanity.

Why did her father so trust Thaddeus Lane, a young man he hadn't seen in many years, especially during this horrid war? She didn't know, but now she finds Thad is also the only one she trusts. She cannot sleep unless he is in the house, nor did she sleep on the ship on her way to this land at war with her country.

Thad finds himself drawn to the haunted wraith thrust so suddenly into his and his parents' care. The young woman is a talented artist, but what are the shadows in her drawings? Why does she act so frightened? She's hiding secrets, but she's letting no one in on them--not even him, not even though it's so obvious she trusts him with her life.

Whispers from the Shadows may be purchased from Christian Book Distributors, Barnes and Nobel, or Amazon. Click on the name of your favorite store for a direct link to buy the book.

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