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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Sermonette--Weeds

In the mornings while it's cool, I go outside and work in the flower bed. I try to get rid of the abundance of weeds while planting or encouraging flowers. One of the weeds is...violets.

I know, they aren't usually considered weeds, but here they try to take over the entire yard, grass and flowerbeds alike. Bear with me, even if you love violets, okay?

I also have panzies growing in the flowerbeds. When they first spring up, sometimes they're difficult to tell from the violets. Usually, violets have broader leaves--but not always. I often leave the seedlings until I know which they are for sure.

Violets are insideous. They don't just spring up from seeds. They send runners through the grass and flowers and underground as well. In addition, small bits of the root left on or in the ground after pulling them will send small roots down and become a new plant.

How like violets are our bad habits! Sometimes when they first are done, it doesn't seem so bad--like smoking, for instance, especially in teens. A friend shares their pack of cigarettes with you, and you take small puffs, trying not to cough and reveal your innocence. Before long, the habit is evident because you need more and more--soon, it has taken over your life.

Other small things take root in our lives--sneaking pens from our employers. Not important in the grand scheme of things, are they? And then a notebook or copy paper. Also unimportant, by themselves. But what about the sales clerk who takes a nice pair of slacks? Statistics show that about 80 percent of the workforce steals from the people who employ them. Annually employers lose $50 billion to their workforce.

"Everyone does it." "I need it worse than they do." "They owe it to me because of my low wages." "My wife is sick."

Excuses, not reasons. One very bad habit to get into. Insideous.

Other weeds disguised as flowers in our lives: Eating all the food you want (instead of need), drinking just one more alcoholic beverage than you should, buying a little more than you can afford--you could probably name a few others.

Just once probably won't kill you--but twice or three or a dozen times?

The habit I need to shake? Wasting valuable time playing computer games.

What's yours?

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