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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Book Review--PATTERN FOR ROMANCE by Carla Olson Gade

This is a sweet but complex romance, and if you like romances I think you'll love it.

Honour Metcalf, a young woman who is the sole supporter of her young sister, is caught in a vicious hailstorm with ice the size of goose eggs pelting her. Joshua Sutton, son of a wealthy tailor in 1879 Boston, Massachusetts, carries her into a church for shelter.

Honor had been the older daughter of a wealthy family, but as they traveled to America their ship had been set upon by pirates. Her mother and father had been killed, and she and her young sister Temperance were all that was left of her family. In her innocence, she had signed away her father's investments to a man who cheated her of her inheritance. As a result, she now quilted for Mrs. Wadsworth, a mantua maker, saving every farthing she could for her sister's schooling.

Joshua's mother took an instant liking to Honour and to her son's seeming interest in her, but his father felt she was beneath him.

That romance is on Joshua's mind is obvious, but Honour isn't sure his intentions and actions are honorable. It appears he is still enamoured of his former fiance.

You should come to their rescue and resolve their dilemma by going to one of the following links and purchasing a book: Amazon or Barnes and Nobel.

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