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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Book Review: NO ESCAPE IN SIGHT by Laurie Penner

This high-tension novella will keep you awake until you finish it!

A mother's worst nightmare comes to pass in Beth Robertson's life when her fifteen-year-old daughter Emily turns up missing in Yreka, CA. The girl disappears after an argument over an expensive pair of jeans that has both mother and daughter stomping mad. At first, Beth thinks Emily has gone home with a friend and is upset but not worried.

It's only when phone calls reveal the lie that Beth begins to panic. Emily had run away. Where could she have gone? Who with? There's a man at church who seems like the proverbial wolf in woolly clothing. And there's another man who might an agenda. Beth doesn't know where to look or how to begin.

Beth finds an unlikely ally in a friend's son, Luke Sanders, who shows up to fix her broken washer. He offers a sympathetic shoulder and unexpectedly solid assistance. Together, they set the wheels in motion to find her missing daughter.

No Escape in Sight is available from Amazon. Click on the name of the store to link directly to the place where you may purchase this fascinating romantic mystery.

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