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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Review--MY SON, JOHN by Kathi Macias

My Son John

I've read a lot of inspirational books by Kathi Macias, but this one has become my favorite. Kathi has a way of getting to your heart, ripping it to pieces, and then knitting it back together again stronger than new.

Liz Peterson received the shocking news that her mother is dead--murdered--with horror. Her son John is arrested for the crime, and Liz spins into a world too dismaying to handle.

She realizes she needs to rally for her husband's and daughter's sakes, but how? The journey through these depths is too much for anyone to bear, and even God seems too far away to help.

This is not a book you will pick up and set down as uninteresting or not worth your while. It is one you must read.

My Son, John may be purchased from Amazon or Barnes and Nobel. Click on your favorite store for a direct link.

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  1. Larry Ducommun
    The synopsis sounds interesting. I look forward to reading it and other books by Kathi M.

  2. Hey, Larry--Nice to see you here. As you can tell, right now you have an excellent chance of winning. Debbie might like it, too.


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