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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book Review--Ransomed, Loving Your Life from the Inside Out--by Barbara T. Marshall

Product Details 

Barbara T. Marshall: author, speaker, and television talk-show host, has created a book for women who, like she has, suffer from a poor self-image. Too many women consider themselves either plain or downright ugly because they don’t have the perfect figure or face. They practice binging and purging, hide from their friends and family, or indulge in self-destructive thoughts and behavior because they can’t see their own worth.

Barbara introduces God into the picture as her ever-present Help in all things, the Lifter of her soul. Read this inspiring book to see how you, too, can be helped by the Master of the Universe.

Ransomed may be purchased from Amazon. Click on the name of the store to make your buy. There is also a study guide that goes with the book!
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