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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book Review--HONDU VALEby LeAnne Hardy

I was given this book by the author for the purpose of a review with no stipulations that the review be positive.

Deep in sixteenth century Wales, a young man returns home from a monastery with the purpose of forgiving his father, Sir Stephen, but Colin finds it nearly impossible to forgive the drunken, brutal, lusty man who sired him.

His father is determined to marry Colin off to Catherine, a lovely young woman, but Colin has already promised himself to another. Steadman wants their lands in Honddu (pronounced HON-thee) Vale. Sir Stephen wants the money Thomas Steadman would provide as a bride price.

Colin’s best friend, Owain ap Rhys has no such entanglement, and he finds the lovely young woman irresistible. Catherine seems equally attracted to Owain.

Rumors spread that Colin has brought a great treasure to the valley from the monastery. Indeed he has, but not a jewel-encrusted golden cup. He thinks his secret is safe, but word has spread, and his father’s mistress has eyes for the common-looking wooden bowl.

To learn more, you must purchase the book. It’s available from Amazon. Click on the word "Amazon" to link to the exact place where it’s available.
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