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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Sermonette - What Drives Your Decisions?

Different ages spawn different temptations. When I was young, guys giving me "the eye" would make my heart beat faster, and flirting back was hard to resist. Now I'm 68 years old, and guys making passes just give me reason for a good belly laugh. If it seems strange to you, just think about how many passes guys make on Facebook messages. Guys who quite obviously don't know you. Or if you're a guy, girls who obviously don't know you.

Those temptations drove my decisions back in those days. I hope I've grown up a bit since then. The biggest temptations threatening to drive my decisions now are tasty sweets and computer games. *sigh* Now you know my weaknesses.

What I want is for Jesus to drive my decisions. And yes, I do believe He's interested in my health and how I use the time He's given me.

I'm not saying an occasional piece of candy will ruin your life. For myself, I've found that eating sugary things drives me to eat more sweets. If I give in, I eat until I'm so saturated with sweets that I feel sick. Computer games (the offline, play against the computer type), take up way too much precious time. I tell myself I'll play one hand--but then forget and start the next one.

With you, it might be gambling, gossiping, drugs, alcohol, temper, vanity (wanting to look younger and be better looking), spending more than you should, chatting when you should be working-----and the list goes on. You know your own weaknesses a lot better than I do. If you just now felt the urge to defend could be in need of a new decision driver.

This could come as a surprise, but God is smarter than you are. That He cares enough to help you make decisions could be even more startling--but both are true. He loves you. He wants what's best for you. He has plans to help, not hurt you.

Take the leap of faith--surrender your life to Him. He's always more than willing to take over the driving.
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